Raha Scarf, Socks, and a cute kid

The holiday knitting is almost over — I’m done with everything except for half of three gifts! When those are done, it’ll be some quick baby knitting, then quickly finishing up my Lush and Lacy cardigan, then onto James’s sweater (patient boy that he is!).

Of course, one of the reasons that he’s being patient is that I made him some surprise socks for Chanukah. He had been getting more and more enthusiastic about the socks my mom made him a couple years ago — despite the fact that they are thinner than he would generally want for warm socks, they are warmer than his thick cotton socks (we had a little chat about different fibers’ warmth). However, he still really wanted thick socks for around the house, and watching movies (we keep our apartment pretty chilly in the winter). I hemmed and hawed and made a big deal about how long my queue was, and said I’d think about it when I was done with the holiday knitting and his sweater. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to him, I headed over to Stitch House and picked up three skeins of Cleckheaton Country Silk 8 Ply.  It’s very soft, and between the wool and silk, I figured it would be warm, and the silk would add strength so they would wear well.   After hearing about how quick and easy Thuja was, I decided to tackle it.  The socks just flew off the needles, and between subway knitting and lunchtime knitting, I was done fewer than 72 hours after I started!  Here are the socks:

My mother’s Chanukah gift was the Raha Scarf, from Knitted Lace of Estonia.  I used the green Hempathy yarn that I got the last time I went to Woolcott, and she seemed to like it. Here is Joyatee modeling it last week:

On Friday night, we had our fourth annual Pick-Your-Spelling (C)han(n)uk(k)a(h) Party.  I made a little something for the (three year old) child of some friends of ours, and he was very cute when he opened the gift:

D: What is it?
Me: You’ll see when you open it.
D: Is it a surprise?
Me: Yes.
D’s father (when he had unwrapped the gift): D, do you know what that is?
D: (looks at his father like the answer is completely obvious): It’s a sweater!
D’s father: No, what is it? Is it a sock?
D: Yes!
D’s father: No, it’s a hat!
D: It’s a sock!

(It was, actually, a hat. Pictures forthcoming after Christmas because our nephews are getting the same gift and I don’t want to ruin the surprise).

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2 Responses to Raha Scarf, Socks, and a cute kid

  1. melissa says:

    Hi Mira –

    You, and your knitting, are amazing and a terrific inspiration. Lovely socks; I’m sure he’ll love them! And what a gorgeous scarf! Awesome!



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