First Gloves

Good news!  School is eating my brain less than I thought it would, and I’ve actually had more time for knitting!  I recently completed a test knit for Donna Druchunas at Sheep to Shawl — my very first pair of gloves!  They required a new needle purchase, since I didn’t have 0s or 2s I could do magic loop with, but they were fun.  Especially since my big long-term project is all cables all the time, doing a little colorwork was a great way to mix it up a little.

That long-term big huge project is going well, too.  I’m almost at the halfway point, which is very exciting!

Other exciting things are that I was given a whole bunch of yarn by a friend moving overseas — I’ve now got toddler sweaters planned out so Jesse will have enough until he isn’t a toddler anymore.  I’m looking forward to getting started on them soon!

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1 Response to First Gloves

  1. Rebecca W says:

    Lovely glove- I am glad you have had some time for you in the midst of all of the craziness of life.


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