More Adventures in Steeking

Hello, everyone!  Long time, no see!  The semester is over, and the never-ending project that shall not be named is almost done, so hopefully I’ll have some bandwidth for blogging more!

Of course, with taking three classes and working full time (or, taking care of a toddler full time, in the second half of the semester) my mending pile spent most of the winter sitting there, neglected on my dresser.  Among the projects in the pile was the sweater I bought at the Little Fox Shop, and wrote about earlier.  Really, gorgeous Mountain Mohair yarn, nice knitting job — it totally perplexed me why such a nice sweater ended up in a children’s resale shop.

Then, Jesse’s head grew. The sweater is about a 2T size, or thereabouts.  My child has a tiny, tiny head (finally in the 5th percentile though!  Yay growing!).  And, at about 15 months, the sweater stopped fitting over his head.  Keep in mind, the shirts he was wearing were mostly 6-9m size.  Now, I knew why it ended up at Little Fox.

It still seemed a shame to let such lovely work go to waste, just because of a little problem with the size of the neck hole.  So, after having tackled steeking first with Katie, then with Asher holding my hand, I decided I could totally handle it on my own.  And, the yarn is pretty sticky, so, let’s just go all the way and do an unreinforced steek while we’re at it.  What could possibly go wrong?

As it turned out, it was just fine.  I cut from the neck to the shoulder (possibly a little further than I needed to) and then whipstiched the edge with another yarn (I used black because it was also a wool/mohair blend, and I had nothing close to the color of the sweater, so I figured I might as well make it *really* contrast instead of just looking like I didn’t notice it was a different green, or something).  Then, I put some buttons on, and, voila!  A good-as-new sweater that should fit Jesse just fine next winter (did I mention he’s barely into his 12-18m clothes at this point?).


Steeking.  Not so scary as I thought it would be!

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