For Christmas, my awesome in-laws got me a serger.  I promptly started taking classes, and having all my time sucked up by that.  Last week, I finally got a chance to pull out the machine and take it for a whirl.  I was pleasantly surprised at how un-scary it was to thread (this is what I had been told was the worst part of sergers).  I needed a project to practice on, that I didn’t care much about, but that also wasn’t just practicing on scraps (I find that not very motivating).

I ended up making Jesse some new cloth wipes, since the cheap washcloths we’d been using were really not very nice, and I had some flannel receiving blankets I could cut up.  The were so easy!  I think I may be hooked!  16 new wipes (and 10 more older cloth wipes refurbished) in about an hour.

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  1. I love your idea – I brought a serger several months ago and I’m not really sure what to do with it – you have inspired me to get it out and have a play. Thank you.


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