What have I been up to for the last year or so?

A very good question!  Friends of mine got married this past summer, but about two years ago, around the time they got engaged, my friend Asher and I decided to make them a blanket, based on Asher’s pattern for change ringing methods (both the bride and groom are ringers).  It was a crazy thing to do, but sometimes you’ve just got to take the leap, right?  As a result, eventually all other knitting tapered off for me, and I couldn’t very well post about a surprise on the internet, where it might be read about by the intended recipients!

The yarn is Valley Yarns Northampton, in a lovely blue, and the methods we chose, Bristol Surprise Major and Superlative Surprise Major, are the favorite methods of the recipients.  Another friend composed the touch, and while we were sad we couldn’t make a quarter peal quite work shape-wise, it’s probably just as well that it ended up being a little shorter than that anyway :)

But, now you finally get to see what I’ve been working on instead of writing here, or knitting other things!

Now that this huge project is done, I’m hoping to update here a little more regularly! Also coming soon — an interview with designer Emily Peters, about her awesome Octopus mittens!

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