Horcurx Socks, just in time for a blizzard!

As an antidote to the year+-long project that was Emily and Dale’s blanket, I’m whipping through some smaller projects now.  I recently finished a baby sweater for some friends who are due at the end of the month with their first baby (blog post coming after the baby arrives and they’ve seen the sweater).  I also recently finished some worsted-weight socks for myself (pattern: Horcrux Socks), out of Cleckheaton Country Silk 8-ply, which is a really nice yarn I discovered at Stitch House several years ago (my stash, I am trying to knit through it, before I acquire any more yarn, so lots of it is several years old).  Sadly, this yarn has now been discontinued.  But it makes lovely, warm socks, and I’m glad I finished them in time for the blizzard this weekend.

As usual, I was incapable of following the pattern as written (where’s the fun in that??) so I made the lace section longer, and narrowed the sock so it fit my foot better (which meant winging the heel… always fun and exciting!).

A close-up of the lace on the leg of the sock — it’s kind of hard to photograph your own leg, as it turns out:

Best of all, I get to keep them. I think this is the first pair of socks I’ve made that I’m actually keeping instead of giving away.

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