Baby Surprise Jacket — A Puzzle!

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket pattern creates a truly bizarre-looking piece of knitting until you fold it up correctly. It seemed like a good gift idea for friends of ours who like puzzles, and they were conveniently coming over for dinner shortly after I finished the knitting. I wrapped up this weird-looking, not-quite flat knitted THING and gave it to them to figure out. It only took them about five minutes (the dad-to-be found the button holes, which helped). Now it’s all done and ready to keep a baby (ok, maybe a one-year-old… my gauge was a little off) nice and toasty warm.

The yarn is Sandnes Garn Palett, a lovely soft variegated superwash wool (perfect for a baby!) a friend gave me after discovering she’s allergic to wool. I still have on skein left — any thoughts on what I should do with it?

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1 Response to Baby Surprise Jacket — A Puzzle!

  1. katsniffen says:

    So pretty!


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